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Welcome to T3 Racing

If you have come across our name before then it is likely you have seen or heard of the highly acclaimed Triumph Triple Challenge, a one make series which has now ended but was an official support class to the British Superbike Championship and managed by T3 Racing for some eight years.  

It is our strong belief that you should get the very best performance out of your Triumph.  We have illustrated the competitiveness of our bikes and engines by securing three British Championship titles and one second place in our last four seasons of racing.  We have also competed in the I.O.M TT Championship (top Triumph), and can boast that none of our bikes have failed to finish a race due to mechanical failure.  All this is down to our preperation, knowledge and attention to detail.  
The above may lead you to believe that we are limited to racing and or Triumphs.  Not true.  The knowledge and experience gained by our engineers over many years in this arena gives us the opportunity to provide you with invaluable advice and attention to detail whenever you choose to visit us. Whether you ride on the road or the track, our parts inventory and the skill set of our engineers means we know how to care for your bike and help you achieve the very best from it without exceeding your budget.
Unique engineering solutions can also be found at T3 Racing. We like to innovate and surprise you with diverse ideas which work well.  Our development of the Thruxton Ace 904S has set the benchmark for quality and tasteful customising of Triumph Motorcycles to any level you desire.  So if you strive like us to have the best and the unusual, you've come to the right place.

We also specialise in Triumph performance & bespoke parts, and carry a huge variety of genuine and aftermarket products to personally suit your Triumph!